Dark Web Forums

Here are the best dark web forums. You can also check our individual lists for dark web carding forums.

This list however will include forums for everything, from hacking, carding, politics, porn to everything else in between.

Being on the dark web, these generally are a lot more extreme than clearnet forums.

However, note that we haven’t and will not include any p*do/Illegal/underage porn forums. If you find any such content on these deep web forums, quit the forum immediately.

Let’s get started then?

Security tips for accessing these dark web forums

Forums are one of the riskiest and least moderated spheres on the dark web. Hence, be sure to follow these tips to ensure maximum security before accessing dark web forums.

  1. Update your Tor browser.
  2. Increase your Tor browser’s security to “safest”.
  3. Use NordVPN ( Best VPN for Dark Web ). This is a must. Forums often have links to p*do and extreme illegal content, used as honeypots and blackmailing users.
  4. Beware of scams. Do not buy/sell on these forums. Anyone can post anything on these forums hence increasing chances of you getting scammed.

Legal and financial disclaimer

We haven’t verified the legality or legitimacy of the contents/products offered on these forums. Some may be scams, or completely illegal.

We do not encourage buying/selling items or engaging in any illegal activity whatsoever.  This article is purely and solely for educational purposes.

You (the readers) must ascertain the legality of their actions on these forums. This article and the owner(s) of this website will in no way be responsible for your actions.

Dark Web Forums Links

1. Best Carding World

Onion link: http://bestteermb42clir6ux7xm76d4jjodh3fpahjqgbddbmfrgp4skg2wqd.onion

There’s a reason why I’ve listed this at the top. It’s one of the best dark web carding forums. Also, it provides what most of you are searching for.

Meaning, this forum teaches hacking, cracking, shares malware and other hacking tools, has tutorials, list of cardable websites and everything else which isn’t legal.

The forum does double as a marketplace. Buying/selling cards and tools is done in the marketplace section. It provides an “escrow” for the trades on the forum.

Finally, it has nearly 11300 registered users and nearly 9000 posts. Yes, it’s active.

2. xenForo

Onion link: http://ow5svfag54s2txymiwgl6do6dvgddbcxjrdraykox26pkwdwbpkhnfqd.onion/index.php?forums/main-forum.2/

When you say “dark web”, a few things come to mind, don’t they? Drugs, murder, counterfeit documents/currency are the most common, wouldn’t you agree?

xenForo is a dark web forum that covers everything mentioned above, and a lot more. It even has threads where individual/groups claim to provide “hitman for hire” services. That’s extremely illegal and most probably a scam if you ask me.

It has become mostly a marketplace with people trying to buy/sell something. As far as activeness goes, it’s average. Not extremely active and not totally dead.

3. TorForum

Onion Link: http://htqnajv7smrefwyopyahr626ovbjq4bpwaf3c54bfub6mapk4a7gldqd.onion/forum/

As the name suggests, it’s a basic TorForum. It mostly has topics related to darknet markets. The topics are indirect, as in, it has threads on arrest reports, links, Cryptocurrencies, tutorials security tips etc. Also functions as a marketplace.

The user-base is pretty active. It has a few hundred posts in all threads. A few dozen new posts are made every single day.

Registration is mandatory to access the forum topics. Also, uses a” reputation-based” model. Depending on the no. of purchases made, a user’s privileges on the forum differ.

4. Helium Forum and marketplace

Onion link: http://fahue6hb7odzns36vfoi2dqfvqvjq4btt7vo52a67jivmyz6a6h3vzqd.onion/

This is a forum that talks about nearly everything you expect from a dark web forum.  It has discussions on carding, programming, hacking, anonymity etc. Some threads even provide tools and software for carding/hacking.

There’s even a “marketplace” topic. It lets users sell hacked databases, cards, and even services.

Topics can only be accessed after registration. (The registration is free but frustrating, has lots of password rules and gets stuck if you make a mistake).

Does have a massive user-base which is extremely active on the forum.

5. Hard Porn Forum

Onion link: http://72vhcz4wscqgtpcrkr7psrzb7xpoq2ejl6qppvg6kz6yt2xmtjrymoqd.onion/

This is another one of those forums which qualifies to be a dark web forum more than others.  As the name suggests, it’s for “hard porn”. In other words, porn which is either taboo, controversial or just something not socially accepted.

Most users use the forum to upload photos/videos of their sexual experiences with their daughters, servants, torture of their partners and so on.

A few posts for buying/selling drugs too are available. The forum is extremely active with replies being sent in by the minute.

It’s not free though. Also, there are dozens of forums by the exact same name and with the exact same UI. We aren’t sure which is the legit forum. Also, we aren’t sure if the claimed media/content is actually available on these forums.

6. The Stock Insiders

Onion link: http://thestock6nonb74owd6utzh4vld3xsf2n2fwxpwywjgq7maj47mvwmid.onion/

This is one of the oldest and most member-rich dark web forums on this list. It has over 75,000 registered members, despite having only 3 primary topics!

I’ve seen this forum around for about the past 4 years or so. It’s basically an insider trading forum. Extremely illegal.

I’m not even sure if they’ve got any real information or it’s a scam. However, their member-count and history so far forces me to trust them.

It even lets individuals sell their “private” information for up to $25,000/tip!

7. Hidden Forum

Onion link: http://qad6tqyearh6yjk6iu5lxupnj4c6yddlt66yaxosdez4k5ajzwj7bdqd.onion/forum

This “not so” Hidden Forum is home to over 50,000 members. It’s a definition for these dark web forums as its topics cover almost everything.

The topics currently revolve around dumps, credit cards, PayPal accounts, Western Union, Carding Tutorials etc.

It also has darknet market reviews, escrow reviews, scam reviews etc. There’s an entire section dedicated just to hacking-related discussions and software. That makes it one of these dark web hacking forums, doesn’t it?

Then there are threads on Cryptocurrencies, anonymity, casinos, adult content and what not! Registration is required to access the forum.

8. Hackers Home

Onion link: http://g3rzig6perhzmqepfx7zneaqmwjvmnvw53cxcgl7jjl7sp5gdbd5tlyd.onion/index.php?sid=a77f1edb6f442634d4ce059ccf2945ae

The name explains it all, doesn’t it? Yes it’s a dark web hacker forum. It has one of the most interesting UI and layouts I’ve ever seen on these dark web forums.

Currently it has topics such  as “premium credit/debit cards”, “I buy”, “I sell”, etc. There are no non-finance related topics so far.

It also has an escrow for the trades done on the forum. It’s the only forum I’ve seen with a private market section. This is an exclusive market which only demands payments “after” receiving the goods.

Some of its primary topics too require a “password”. Most are free and open for all. `

9. Hearts Centre Forum

Onion Link: https://rtuyjoxwxxfdzhtrignwbr7acdlnu5m4gwfqvhkywmnflkajcpjwnhyd.onion/About/HeartsCenterForum/tabid/499/Default.aspx#.Ym4hj9_LdIG

This is one of those forums that’s completely legal despite being on the Tor network. It mostly has “spiritual” topics. However, other topics discuss health, literature, music, art, creativity and so on.

In other words, it’s safe to say that this is a lifestyle forum. The forum is active but only for specific topics. Most topics have last replies from 2018 or so.

Registration is mandatory to either create a new topic, or participate in(reply to existing) discussions.

10. Imperial Library

Onion link: http://kx5thpx2olielkihfyo4jgjqfb7zx7wxr3sd4xzt26ochei4m6f7tayd.onion/forum/index.php

If you went through our article on the best dark web book links, you’re certainly aware of the Imperial Library. This is a forum for that library.

Naturally, it has threads such as reading groups, book requests, social issues, political discussions etc.

As of today, it has 2088 members and a total of 2147 posts. The forum is extremely active. Beware though, a lot of scammers and sellers  try to peddle goods as well.

Forum posts can be accessed by anyone. Replies require registration.

11. SuprBay

Onion link: http://suprbaydvdcaynfo4dgdzgxb4zuso7rftlil5yg5kqjefnw4wq4ulcad.onion/

Who here hasn’t heard of PirateBay? SuprBay is the official forum for PirateBay. Naturally, it has threads which let you requests torrents, provide suggestions, and so on.

Most of its forums are dedicated to direct Torrent link sharing. It has threads labelled movies, games, TV shows, music and so on.

With nearly 35,000 registered members, it’s definitely one of the most member-rich, active and most popular dark web forums out there. It can be accessed by anyone. Replies do require registration.

12. TopSells

Onion link: http://oj26kzyfo22glgi5fibxmnv5mlatrkpyn75blchmkzszxz37roc3ctyd.onion/forum/viewtopic.php?t=87

TopSells is a dark web carding link we’ve already included in its respective list. This is a forum for the marketplace.

It has nearly 1900 registered members and 1100+ posts. The forum lets users discuss about carding, counterfeit items, cashing out carded funds/items, and other related topics.

It can also be used to buy/sell items. The forum also provides an escrow for these trades.  Due to its very specific nature and use, it’s not extremely active.

13. Hell Forum

Onion link: http://hell2ker5i3xsy6szrl2pulaqo3jhcz6pt7ffdxtuqjqiycvmlkcddqd.onion/

Hell Forum is one of those forums which create the “mystery” around dark web forums. It’s one of those dark web hacking forums that can only be accessed after either getting “invited” (if you know someone who’s a member), or, paying the signup fee currently set at $100.00

This makes it one of the most exclusive forums on the dark web. The forum has in-built marketplace, escrow, Bitcoin mixer, and a cryptocurrency wallet as well.

14. AB CC Quality Vendor

Onion link: http://ccqvendwbimh6jlzbkrr75wl7kno3nd36wvalk3vefoysy2a4r6zb4yd.onion/forum/index.php?p=/discussions

This is another forum that’s actually attached to a marketplace. The marketplace sells credit cards and this forum is where you can discuss legitimacy, discounts, request special cards/features and so on.

Only the market admin(s) can create new threads. However, anyone can participate in the discussion via replies.

Viewing the forum doesn’t require registration but posting replies does. Beware of scammers in the comments.

15. Whonix forum

Onion link: http://forums.dds6qkxpwdeubwucdiaord2xgbbeyds25rbsgr73tbfpqpt4a6vjwsyd.onion/

Whonix is arguably one of the most anonymous operating systems on the planet. This forum is the official forum for the Whonix website.

Obviously, it primarily has Whonix related topics. These include updates, glitches, fixes for bugs and so on.  It also has tutorials and anonymity tips.

Despite being product-specific, this dark web forum is more active than some dark web hacker forums out there.

The forum can be accessed by anyone, replies do require registration.

16. Raddle Forum

Onion link: http://c32zjeghcp5tj3kb72pltz56piei66drc63vkhn5yixiyk4cmerrjtid.onion/forums

Raddle is a Reddit knockoff on the dark web. This is a forum on Raddle. The interface resembles to that of Raddle as well.

It’s one of the most member-rich forums on the dark web. Has thousands of subscribers and replies to almost all the topics.

Each topic also has rules, just like Reddit. Due to its user-base and popularity, there’s almost nothing that’s not discussed. You’ll find porn, hacking, carding, anonymity, security, shoplifting, making money, buying a dinosaur and everything else you can think of.

17. SlaveHack 2

Onion link: http://yinsy4lrjdgeqa5yic7tpt4t2d5rr4u3qyo5ibrawnnrm6apy3pr7gad.onion/newforum/index2679.html?page=1

This is a forum for the RPG game- Slavehack 2. However, it now seems to have drifted off topic and has people discussing a lot more than just the game.

I’ve found topics on malware, hacking, Netflix,. Nudes and a lot more. It’s not extensively active though. Only a few replies in each thread and the post frequencies aren’t very impressive.

Viewing the forum is free for everyone. Creating posts/replies require registration, however, for that you’ll need to mail the admin it’s not automated.

18. LightPost Forum

Onion link: http://5z57imdllhxv4lssagb2b3vrmbju3rt6kvjl3raakgtdzrxfh4obxdad.onion/index.php

The forum’s tagline reads “community and free marketplace”. It isn’t very active and only has 16 threads and 15 members. And no, it’s not because it’s a new forum, the forum does have some age.

Anyway, the threads mostly seem harmless and legal. They’ve got a chat thread, discussion on PGP and escrow and so on.

While it’s free to browse, participating does require registration.

19. The Secret Story Archive

Onion link: http://tssa3yo5xfkcn4razcnmdhw5uxshx6zwzngwizpyf7phvea3gccrqbad.onion/public/forum/simpleforum.cgi

As the name suggests, this forum on the Tor network is a story board. Users can post and read stories here. Due to its very specific (and legal) nature, it of course has only about 400 messages in total.

Anyone can post replies and stories of their own. Registration isn’t required to participate on the forum.

For obvious reasons, it’s also not very active. The last post, from the date of scribbling this article, was about a month or so back.

20. BHF.IO

Onion link: http://bhf2b5nb3lb2kxpaoyqz7cuk2dkgej5n2refuffxzyhldwt4d7de4zqd.onion/

This is one of the most popular Russian dark web forums. It’s popular because it seems to sell everything from cards, accounts to guns!

Although, less extreme topics such as programming, SEO, proxies, marketing etc. too are discussed.

Obviously, you’ll need to know a bit of Russian to access or use the forum (Google Translate doesn’t work on TOR).

It’s extremely active. Most threads have over 50,000 messages!

Final words- Best Dark web forums

I believe that’s quite a list as far as dark web forums go, don’t you agree? I’ve mixed it all up. You’d find dark web carding forums, hacking forums, legal story and political forums and a lot more.

The point was to get you any and everything you could be looking for. Although, I’d urge you to go through the security tips mentioned above before accessing any of these dark web forums.