Dark Web Carding Links

Working dark web carding links 2023: If you’re searching for carding links, this is where you should be.

If you’d like to avoid mainstream marketplaces for whatever reasons, these carding shops on the dark web should solve most your problems.

Before we start, here are a few points you should keep in mind.

Security tips & Disclaimer

Always install NordVPN and do not solely rely on TOR browser. Do not send funds directly from your primary wallet to the payment address on these tor sites.

When registering, do not use any username/password you’ve ever used on any other market/site or the internet in general.

Finally, buying/selling on these carding links may be illegal. Some of these may be scams, we haven’t verified the legitimacy of these sites.  Any and all your actions on these sites will solely be your own responsibility.

What are deep web carding links?

As the name suggests, these are links which claim to sell cards and/or other similar financial services. These are basically “marketplaces” which facilitate buying/selling using Cryptocurrencies.

Most of these sites sell both digital card data, as well as physical cards which can be used at ATMs and vendor points.

Do not confuse these with dark web carding forums. We covered an entirely different article on those.

These are slightly different compared to traditional marketplaces. Unlike normal markets, these either sell cards exclusively or only a few other products.

Also, in most cases, these are owned by a single admin/group. This also results in fewer features but more straightforward transactions. Obviously, I’ve also listed a few multi-vendor markets which sell cards.

Let’s get you these dark web carding links then?

Legality and legitimacy disclaimer

Buying/selling illegal items, including cards/card transfers or any other item which was acquired illegal is a crime. We do not encourage such acts. Any and all your actions, will solely and exclusively be your own responsibility.

Also, we haven’t verified the “legitimacy” of these deep web carding links. Meaning, it may be possible that these sites may be scams and you may end up losing your money.

We can not be held responsible for any of your losses or problems, both legal and/r financial.

Dark Web Carding Links

1. DeepMarket

Onion link: http://deepmarcxr3lklyjejuxkfe65exx54srsfay36zmpubutrmjqdo4w3qd.onion/

DeepMarket is a P2P market that allows buyers and sellers to sell anything and everything (with a few restrictions, obviously). The market doesn’t sell anything on its own and is only a mediator.

It can be browsed without even registering. Sure, no orders can be placed but it doesn’t force registrations unless you find exactly the product you’re looking for.

If you go to its “Carding” section, you’d find a list of available vendors. Yes, it doesn’t list products and rather shows you vendors. Extreme details about their profiles are shown such as total orders, ratings, joining date etc. This helps you find legitimate vendors easily.

Obviously all the normal carding items are up for sale. These include cards, accounts, balance transfers and so on. Of course non-carding items too are available such as gadgets, porn accounts, gift cards etc.

The market does seem to offer security with its multisig escrow and Bitcoin payments. No other Cryptocurrency is accepted.

There’s no fee for buyers. Sellers pay a sign up fee that’s refunded once the account is terminated without any standing disputes.

2. Light Money

Onion link: http://dyetjpdb24gam3siszbpoehvauunvovpeaozxgv24sqe7bkn74blw7qd.onion/

Light Money is one of the oldest dark web credit card links. It sells all the products you generally find on one such site. These include cards (VISA/ Mastercard and American Express), Western Union transfers and even direct card transfers.

It even has listings for Skrill accounts, iPhones, PayPal accounts. Discounts are provided on larger purchases.

The shop doesn’t require registrations, not even for making purchases. It accepts Bitcoin payments. All payment addresses are valid for 2 hours, after that, a new address needs to be generated.

A “Proofs” page is available. It has many screenshots and photos of successful transactions and cards.


Onion link: http://ejcfqvftvxlyhrsloz4k2qqku2di2kvshl645o7jdoyv3co6fn6cxiyd.onion/

That’s literally the name of the site. They sell cards, PayPal accounts, Western Union accounts and so on.

They claim that the cards don’t ever get frozen. It only sells physical cards, no digital data sold. Each card is priced at $60.00 and they claim a minimum of $2500.00 to be on the cards.

They even offer 100% refunds if the cards do not reach you.

It offers discounts based on the purchase size. The bigger the purchase, the bigger the discount. It’s completely automated. Payment is accepted via Bitcoin.

Registration isn’t required. Offers a two-hour payment window.

4. 1A Quality Credit Card Store

Onion link: http://i4niz4z3nhqd2j2tl4iqzjyf3k543wljhzrqyv34r7hqmpbmlisaohqd.onion/

This is another “physical cards only” dark web carding link. They claim that these are cloned cards. These cards, being physical, can be used at ATMs and shops.  Any name can be engraved on these cards.

The site isn’t automated. It’s like a single-page website and requires manually sending e-mails to place the orders.

Payments can be made using BTC, ETH and BTCH. It guarantees a minimum of EUR 2000.00 on all cards. Depending on the available cash, the pricing differs.

On 1+ orders, discounts are available.

5. DeepMarket

Onion link: http://deepmart5rrv4goqlstfa62gevyhpcgnq3hqfxcuae5ervcgk5bo5tad.onion/carding

This is one of the most professional carding links on the dark web. It’s more like a full-fledged marketplace but most of its products are finance-related.

Obviously, “Carding” is a major section on the market. As it’s a P2P market, many different vendors sell different types of cards and services. AMEX, VISA, MasterCards and a lot more can be found.

Being P2P, it offers escrow for all transactions making them more secure. The carding section only sells “physical cards”. However, there’s another section titled “Money transfers” which can be used for direct transfer of funds for much lower prices.

6. Light Money

Onion Link: http://dyetjpdb24gam3siszbpoehvauunvovpeaozxgv24sqe7bkn74blw7qd.onion/

This is almost an identical clone of the Light Money site mentioned above. However, we know not which of these two is legit. On the dark web, dozens of the sites have the exact same interface and even listings, however, are under different management and adhere to different policies.

It sells physical cards, fund transfer from cards, Amazon gift cards, PayPal accounts/transfers etc.

The site is automated. Payment can be made to an auto-generated Bitcoin address. Offers a replacement card if the card gets blocked within its first 3-days.]

7. CVP Store

Onion link: http://pwffonu6dtyqyrrqzxfvyogpjr26u3ejcsjxvpfczfmr4t6yha4cmead.onion/

The site sells cards as well as transfers for Western Union and PayPal.  When it comes to cards, only Physical cards are sold. All cards are sold at the same price, set at $140.00 and they’re all guaranteed to have at least $3000.00 credit on them.

It only accepts Bitcoin for payments. No other cryptocurrency can be used. All transactions go through Safe Escrow.

Does offer multiple shipping options for cards. Regular shipping is free. Expedited shipping costs extra.

Doesn’t require registration.  Offers a 2-hour payment window. Offers 20% and 30% discount on purchase of 20+ and 30+ cards respectively.

8. Bazar Plastic

Onion Link: http://djrropdhg23bdhhuk6tv4daspfcweokjfdiephfwu5qhzgc5d4e3wuad.onion/

The site claims to be one of the largest carding stores, obviously that’s a debatable claim.

It uses region-based filters. Users need to select the country from which they want the cards. Available cards include US, AU, Canada and New Zealand.  Additionally, about 10 specific regions from Europe can be selected as well.

It only sells VISA cards, for any region. Obviously, different types of VISA cards (platinum, gold, classic etc.) are available.

Orders are automated, an e-mail ID and delivery address can be pre-specified along with the payment.

It mostly sells physical cards, however, only the card data can be purchased as well.

9. Black Market

Onion link: http://muwgjdckwwmhyi7lj73dspumrxmzuzjvujmtmyrhhbjrgswcakobtfad.onion/

This again is a dark web link that sells more than just “Cards”. However, “Physical clone cards” are sure one of its primary categories.  Money transfers are something else which may interest you.

It’s a multi-vendor market and hence the pricing, available card types and terms of purchase differ for each vendor.

Payment is completed automated and can be made using Bitcoin. Registration isn’t required for browsing.

Other similar products include gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, eBay etc.

10. Oliver

Onion link: http://olivq73nea2cnwdtgrt2urxhw7ub3eigxl2wrca2k3b2davfakai7zqd.onion/credit-cards

Another shop not just limited to Cards. It sells gift cards, drugs, guns, adult content, money transfers etc. Direct PayPal and Skrill accounts too can be purchased.

There however is a category dedicated to “Credit cards”. It sells both physical cards as well as digital card data and fullz.

Primarily, US and EU cards are available It includes a cashout/usage guide (PDF) with each purchase.

Registration isn’t mandatory and you can use a “guest account” for checking out. It’s completely automated. Payments can be made using both Bitcoin and Litecoin.

11. DeepMart

Onion link: http://vpirzthkbzedr53dnk3d73cvybb5rzpfwf7xjsdlte7cntk6r6l6tnyd.onion

Yes. The name and interface is identical to the DeepMart site listed above. However, this one has a completely different product-stock and hence is a separate market.

The “Carding” section on this market sells physical cards. It’s a multi-vendor market and hence the total sales made by each vendor can be verified independently.

The market escrow also is available for all trades. Multiple delivery options are available, regular delivery is free, Express and Overnight deliveries cost extra.

It’s completely automated. Orders can only be placed using Bitcoins.

12. Carding Guide

Onion link: https://cardinjwxzuuxaog4byyuptwbmgrlta5qsa2z4frqutpxkgyt2wcegqd.onion

Because you’re searching for dark web carding links, I believe this is something you may find useful.

This isn’t a dark web carding shop. Rather, it claims to “teach” carding. A very detailed carding guide is what they sell.

The guide has chapters such as how sites work, how to find cardable sites, where to buy Socks, proxies etc. how to avoid the law and so on.

It only accepts Bitcoin for payments.  The price is set at around $165.00 as there’s a discount currently, however, it may not be permanent.

Conclusion- Dark web carding links

I believe these deep web carding links should help you get started? Do note that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of other carding links on the dark web. However, I’ve only included those which have somewhat of an established reputation.

Again, I haven’t verified the legitimacy of any of these dark web carding links. As a result, the final responsibility of verifying  site’s legality as well as legitimacy totally and exclusively rests with you.