Dark Web Email Service Providers

Over 10 dark web email service providers are listed here. They’re all 100% anonymous, do not store logs and can’t be linked back to you.

In some cases, these providers will even strip your IP address (even if it’s a Tor IP) and provide added encryption.

Let’s not beat around the bush and get started then?

 What are dark web email service providers? [Not what you think]

The name may make it sound ominous, but they aren’t.

These are just email providers on the Tor network. They aren’t necessarily on the dark web. Yes, the dark web and the Tor network aren’t the exact same thing.

However, these email providers are often used for dark web activities. That just tells us how secure, anonymous and privacy-respecting these must be.

Even if you’re the simplest, totally law-abiding citizen on the planet, you still need dark web email service providers. Here are a few reasons why:

These are just 3 of probably a dozen more problems you can avoid by using dark web email service providers.

Use a VPN [ must]

All of these dark web email providers are on the Tor network. This means your IP is hidden by default.

However, it’s possible to backtrace a Tor IP in some cases. This means you aren’t 100% secure.

This is why you must use a VPN when using any of these tor email providers. That will make sure that even if the provider secretly stored logs, and your Tor got backtracked, your IP is in no way linked to the email.

I’d recommend going with NordVPN. It got its “no log” policy publicly audited. It also has a “Onion over VPN” server exactly for these tasks!

Dark Web Email Providers

Below is the list of best darknet email service providers with a feature-rich description. Let’s get started.

1. ProtonMail

Tor URL: https://mail.protonmailrmez3lotccipshtkleegetolb73fuirgj7r4o4vfu7ozyd.onion/

Clearnet URL: https://protonmail.com/

ProtonMail is quite literally the most widely used Tor email service on the planet. It offers some of the most desirable free, and it’s obviously free.

For starters, it’s Swiss-based. Switzerland has some of the most user-friendly laws when it comes to privacy and data protection.

Moreover, it doesn’t require any personal information to sign up.

All of the email is also End-to-End encrypted. So, no third-party including Protonmail can at any time access the contents of the e-mail. It also supports self-destructing emails.

It’s even open-source and that means the code can be inspected by you or anyone else. This also prevents any backdoors, loopholes or false claims from the company.

Protonmail also has a Calendar as well its own ProtonDrive. This lets you add the same E2E encryption to your private events and files.

To top it all up, the founder OF THE INTERNET; Tim Lee recently joined Protonmail’s advisory board!

Protonmail is completely free to use. However, going for a paid plan grants you access to their VPN (very secure), custom domains for your email ID,  as well as more storage and users. Accepts Cryptocurrencies for paid plans.

Protonmail also offers native iOS and Android apps.

2. CTemplar

Tor URL: http://ctemplarpizuduxk3fkwrieizstx33kg5chlvrh37nz73pv5smsvl6ad.onion/

Dark web email service providers generally do not pay a lot of attention to their UI or website layout. CTemplar does.

This is an Iceland based company. That means, the 6-month data retention period doesn’t apply to CTemplar.

It’s completely no log. They’ve clearly stated that nothing is monitored, not even IP addresses.

The site even has in-built security measures such as kill switches against MITM attacks and checksums for JavaScript based attacks.

Just like darknet markets, it even has a “login phrase” you can use to detect fake URLs. Like ProtonMail, CTemplar is open-source as well. End 2 End encryption obviously exists.

It also replaces your IP addresses with its own before sending out e-mails! There’s no way to link mails to IP addresses.

Advanced features such as delayed delivery, dead man timer (self-destructing emails), folders etc. are available.

It’s completely free. However, for the free plan you must either have an invite code, or contact support (it’s easy to just contact the team). Paid plans start at $8.00/month. Crypto accepted.

3. JitJat

Onion URL: http://jitjatj3qbb42jvik4udcehxpkoidppz3gojslh7jcatuo4hx4xwayid.onion/i

This is more than just a Tor email service. JitJat also offers an instant messaging service that’s 100% anonymous.

Basically, anyone can register on the platform. You only need a username and a password. It’s completely free.

The same account can be used for both the features, you can switch using a single click.

The site automatically creates a [yourusername@jitjat.org] email ID for you. The free plan gives you 20 MB of storage, and has a sending limit of 10 emails/day. Paid plans are almost free as well. They cost just $1.00/month or $5.00 for 1 year.

4. Alt Address

Onion URL: http://tp7mtouwvggdlm73vimqkuq7727a4ebrv4vf4cnk6lfg4fatxa6p2ryd.onion/

This is probably the most unique of all these Tor anonymous email providers.

For starters, this service doesn’t even need you to register. There are no “passwords”. You simply enter a random username, and select an extension for the username.

E.g. you can choose from [yourusername]@altaddresses.org, email4.in, freemail.is, mailsheild.org and a dozen more.

In order to enter your email account, you simply have to enter your username and the extension you selected. So, it’s both your mail ID, as well as password. Do note that if your username isn’t strong, others may stumble upon your account.

If you’re feeling lazy, it provides a one-click link. You simply click the link and it takes you to your instantly generated mail box with a random username and extension.

Signing up is available and optional. Doing so will give you 4 mailboxes on the free account which you can protect with a password. Even more mailboxes can be purchased with cryptocurrencies.

Non-registered mails are permanently deleted after 72 hours.

5. Dark Net Mail Exchange

Onion URL: http://hxuzjtocnzvv5g2rtg2bhwkcbupmk7rclb6lly3fo4tvqkk5oyrv3nid.onion/

DNMX offers free and instant registrations for anyone. You get a [yourusername@dnmx.org] mail ID.

The interface is the most basic interface you’d find for mail providers on the dark web. It’s like Gmail in the 2000s.

There are no advanced features like what Protonmail or CTemplar offer. The only “feature” you get is an address book.

Obviously, it’s perfect if you just wish to send and receive emails. The signup is totally anonymous and Tor hides your IP. (And I hope you’ve got the VPN).

This is 100% free and I’ve never seen a mention of paid plans around here.

6. ASAP Mail

Onion URL: http://asapmsp2nsqiyufpnw5bziguahdpxbpyc6jbiss35wgca6ka434w27ad.onion/

ASAP Mail  is sure one of the dark web email services. However, they do not share a lot of information.

It’s just an e-mail provider that’s on the onion network. That means the company doesn’t get access to your IP address anyway.

Upon sign up, no personal information is required.  No payments are required either. It obviously lacks quite a few features. Uses the default email interface you’ve already seen a dozen times.

However, it still can be used to send anonymous emails on the dark web. It’s completely free.

7. Squirrel Mail

Onion URL: http://mail2torjgmxgexntbrmhvgluavhj7ouul5yar6ylbvjkxwqf6ixkwyd.onion/

One of the oldest darknet email service providers. Completely anonymous. Account creation is instant. You get a [yourusername@morke.org] mail ID.

Do note that the signup page does ask for the “full name” and this is optional. Moreover, you can enter anything random in the field.

Again, the interface is identical to what you’ve seen with DNMX. Very basic and yet very functional.

It’s an open-source project that also has a clearnet presence. Meaning, while it totally is used for dark web activities that’s not why it was invented.

8. PanzMail

Onion URL: http://panzvbljmqb5j2tznnal2aavx2zz7pob3wamueloi6uukrh4v4u6jfad.onion/

Panz is pretty straight-forward with what it’s offering. 100% anonymous emails and a strict “no log” policy.

It doesn’t want your personal information. Lets you send 200 free emails per day and every free account comes with 100mb storage.

You get a [yourusername@panz.org] mail ID. The interface is the default mailbox interface that most other dark web email providers on this list are using.

9. TorBox

Onion URL: http://qi6cfd5srtv4wnrgbj7b6bvpgims6yyhid5vznr3qprw44cwbgr2tzyd.onion/

TorBox introduces itself as “Tor-only hidden mailbox service”. This means, you can’t use TorBox to send and receive emails to the clearnet (Gmail/Yahoo etc.). It offers a [yourusername@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion] mail ID.

The company does claim that it uses encrypted servers. However, personal PGP-encryption is recommended.

25MB of free space is provided for free. Making a donation increases this to over 1GB. No personal information of any kind is required to sign up or use the service.

10. Elude

Onion URL: http://eludemailxhnqzfmxehy3bk5guyhlxbunfyhkcksv4gvx6d3wcf6smad.onion/

Elude is an anonymous Tor email service provider that doesn’t require any personal information from you. It doesn’t store any logs either.

It also isn’t bound by the 6-month data retention policy and hence any and all data that you wish to delete can be deleted permanently.

You get to choose from a dozen different email extensions. Elude.in, safemail.xyz, cryptolab.nl, bitmessage.de etc. are some of them.

11. [Bonus Mention]: Tutanota

URL: www.tutanota.com

So, the reason Tutanota is being mentioned last is because it doesn’t have a Tor/Onion URL. However, you can totally access it using Tor which makes you equally anonymous.

The reason it’s being mentioned at all is because it’s almost as good as Protonmail.

It offers 100% anonymous registrations to begin with. The company is based out of Germany, it’s nowhere as secure as Switzerland and yet better than U.S/EU nations.

Either way, it’s completely end to end encrypted. That means regardless of its location, the contents of the mail can’t be accessed by any third-party (including Tutanota) whatsoever.

It does offer an encrypted calendar as well as aliases if you need them.

The service is totally free to use. Optional paid plans do exist. Do note that if you do not login for 6 months, your account is permanently deleted.

Conclusion- best dark web email service providers

When in confusion, just go with ProtonMail. It has proven itself to be the most anonymous, privacy-respecting and govt.-resisting dark web email provider so far.

Obviously, any and all the other options can be used just as easily. Just make sure you’re using a NordVPN and not relying just on a provider’s “no log” policy claims.

It’s best if you can encrypt your emails with PGP. That would make your emails truly undecipherable on any of these dark web email service providers.