Dark Web Chat Rooms Links

Links to dark web chat rooms which are still working in 2023 is what you’ll get here. Maybe you seek freedom of speech? Or are your topics of interests generally against what your govt. likes you to talk about?

Whatever be your reason, these links will let you chatting with strangers and in most cases without even registering.

You’re free to talk about anything on these tor chat rooms. The texts can’t be traced back to you in most cases, and the rooms do not store logs.

Let’s get started then?

Disclaimer and security tip

Do not engage in illegal discussions, content sharing, or any other activity which is not permitted by law. Doing so will 100% be your own responsibility.

Also, always use Best VPN no matter what. While Tor hides your IP address, it’s not full-proof. It has been hacked previously and exit-relays still pose a risk.

I’d recommend NordVPN. Primarily because it has an independently audited “no log” policy, and a “onion over VPN” server primarily for the dark web.

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Dark Web Chat Rooms

Here we go.

1. Black Hat Chat

Onion Link: http://blkhatjxlrvc5aevqzz5t6kxldayog6jlx5h7glnu44euzongl4fh5ad.onion/

There are a few solid reasons why I’m listing Black Hat Chat as one of the best dark web chatting links. For starters, it’s 100% anonymous even though it does require registration.

You need to enter a nickname and a password. This can be completely random and is in no way traced back to you.

One of its advanced features is it lets you send messages to individuals. So, not all your messages need to be public.  You can even choose to delete your previously sent messages.

It also lets you change your message colour, background colour, set a refresh rate and even ignore message from specific users.

As the name suggests, it’s a hacking-related chat forum and that’s what the users talk about mostly. However, you sure can talk about anything else. Doesn’t allow any discussion on things which are illegal, e.g. underage porn.

It’s pretty active, at any given time at least 10-20 members can be found online.

2. MEGA Tor

Onion Link: http://ylmjp76zk4ndvgpncbtgzrfsrzpblvlzgtuoduqgygwdlexou64iwfqd.onion/

MEGA Tor is one of the best looking dark web chat rooms on this entire list. The site doesn’t feel like a Tor site, rather it has a very clearnet-like UI.

There are public rooms with multiple users. Messages in these rooms are visible to everyone in the room. Many different rooms are available and most rooms have over a thousand active users at any given time.

Additionally, there also is the “DM” option. This lets you talk to any user from the room privately. You can also “favorite” users.

It has a few very advanced features. For starters, you can send GIFS, stickers, audio recordings and images. You can even set custom status for your profile.

Registration isn’t mandatory and it can be joined as a “guest”, however, free & anonymous registration is available.

3. Semen Alert

Onion Link: http://ejaculatelqqkdhpjvjzhjpuldfuup2q37cfgmf6eknikq5xkliep4yd.onion/

Semen Alert is another one of the best dark web chat rooms. This is primarily because it’s 100% anonymous. You do not need to register, sign up or share any personal information whatsoever. Also, it has almost no rules!

The site is a bit weird, it shows a message which reads “the last time I ejaculated was X hours ago” on the header.

The interface isn’t very impressive though. It’s a bit outdated and all messages have to be left as “comments” rather than real-time chat messages. These comments do appear as chat messages and are public at all times.

It also allows attaching files with each message. Do note that it has messages which are harmless and almost fun, but then also messages which are extremely illegal.

4. Random

Onion Link: http://notbumpz34bgbz4yfdigxvd6vzwtxc3zpt5imukgl6bvip2nikdmdaad.onion

This is probably the simplest of all the dark web chat rooms I’ve mentioned so far. It’s basically a platform which connects you to random people as the name suggests.

No registration or names are required. You simply land on the site and it connects you to someone. You can chat right away, or click on the “find a new random” button to find someone else. You can’t chat with more than one people simultaneously and it’s a one-on-one darknet chat site.

When you find a new random, all your chat with the last person is deleted forever. There’s no way to reconnect to them or get your messages back.

I’ll admit, it doesn’t have many advanced features. However, as far as chatting with random people on the dark web goes, it totally delivers.

There are no major rules so you’re free to talk about anything. Obviously, it’s best to avoid topics which may be illegal. It does allow sharing of links and even uploading files.

5. Teen Video Chat

Onion link: http://teensvi4m3pzpjd4qjsyg57zbzbpxn6qpqqhld4khzyk4rfr2kup5rqd.onion

This is probably the most unique dark web chat room on this list. That’s primarily because it’s not free. Also, it’s an anonymous sex cam site.

You can either connect cam-to-cam with teens, or, watch public streams. Both of these features require payment.

There’s also a text-chat feature you can use simultaneously while watching a stream.  At any given moment, 300-500 users can generally be found online, naturally most of these are girls.

You can switch streams till you find someone you like. You get search filters depending on your plan. The most expensive plan will give you filters for age, gender, language and even region.

Payments can be made with BTC, LTC, DASH and  Monero. The site does require registrations, however, these are completely anonymous and do not require your real name or e-mail.

You can also add users/streamers as friends.

6. AbleOnion Chat

Onion link: http://notbumpz34bgbz4yfdigxvd6vzwtxc3zpt5imukgl6bvip2nikdmdaad.onion/chat

This is one of those dark web chat rooms that lets us chat with multiple users at the same time. In other words, a public chat.

It does let you select individual users in the room and send messages just to them if that’s what you need.

The interface is basic, easy to use and fast. You do not need to register, however, an username is still required to start chatting.

It does have a decent user-base and a few dozen users can generally be found online. The users seem to discuss everything from the dark web, cryptocurrencies to politics.

It does let you hide specific users if you use the /ignore <user> command (no GUI for that). If you remember your username, you can go back to the chatroom and continue from where you left last.

7. Enter Rabbithole

Onion link: 34vnln24rlakgbk6gpityvljieayyw7q4bhdbbgs6zp2v5nbh345zgad.onion

This is one of the most basic dark web chat rooms on this list. When you land on the site, it automatically generates a random username for you. This username can be changed and edited if required. No passwords are required.

It isn’t massively active though. Does have a dozen or so members active all the time, however, only a few actually participate in the chats.

There are almost no advanced features. You still can block individuals using the /ignore command. Private messages can be sent to individuals without sending it to the entire group.

8. Mad IRC

Onion Link: http://wbi67emmdx6i6rcr6nnk3hco3nrvdc2juxrbvomvt6nze5afjz6pgtad.onion/

This is an IRC channel that can be accessed over the Tor network. An username is assigned automatically to each user, however, this can be changed at will.

As far as the user-base goes, it has a about 20 active users on average. It too has a Banlist and lets you ban users when required.

You can register your username if you’ve got a valid e-mail. This would prevent you from getting kicked and let you get back to the server at a later time. It’s free.

It only allows legal discussions. Most channels have pre-determined topics you can talk about.

9. Blackhost

Onion Link: https://blackhost7pws76u6vohksdahnm6adf7riukgcmahrwt43wv2drvyxid.onion

Blackhost uses an interface that’s pretty common as far as Tor chat rooms go. You need to register using a random username and password.

It isn’t very active and I’ve often found it without any online users at all. That been said, it does have its moments of traffic rush.

Anyway, the available settings include the ability to change font colors, size, background colors, refresh rate etc.

Does allow embedding images in the chat. It does allow sending messages to individuals and not just publicly. Inactive users are automatically logged out.

Users can delete either just their last message, or all their messages.

Dark Web Chat rooms- Final words

All of the listed options above totally qualify as working links to dark web chat rooms in 2023. Do be careful when it comes to legalities. Do not partake in any illegal discussions/file sharing or any such activity which isn’t permitted by the law.

Also, it’s best to take care of your privacy and identity when on such rooms. For starters, never share your real name, address or emails on such darknet chat rooms.

Even when registering, use random data for username and password. Something that you don’t use for any of your clearnet activities.